Mr. Pathak is worn out by life, and indifferent to NASA's announcement that the best place to witness the upcoming solar eclipse will be his town Taregna. However, his grandson Roshan’s curiosity for the celestial event of a lifetime is boundless. When Pathak finally notices that Roshan needs a father figure, he can no longer remain a bystander to life.

DIRECTOR: Rakesh Chaudhary
Producer: Rakesh Chaudhary
Editor: Sachin Tawde
Screenwriter: Rakesh Chaudhary
Cinematographer: Santosh Vasandi
Principal Cast: Surendra Rajan,Geetika Tyagi,Purav Bhandare,Saagar Kale

Raúl is 75 years old. He lives in Montevideo, in a little white house in the neighborhood of Buceo, with his 37 year old wife Susana and his 5 year old daughter Sofía. Both Raúl and Susana work long hours as personal trainers. Raúl also has other occupations such as training a professional rugby team, playing the guitar, and even fixing an old automobile.

In his spare time, Raúl trains for the Decathlon. On July 29th, in Finland, he may become champion of the world.

A feature documentary produced by LAMU FILMS
Directed by Verónica Pamoukaghlián.

It is never too late to dream BIG

For generations a block in Brooklyn has been controlled by the local police brass. They run an illegal underground casino that lies beneath the bedrock, with the residents above serving as its work force. The residents have been content, until a 12 year old neighbor goes missing. Her brother, along with some of the other residents, will do anything to expose the criminals -- even set them up to destroy each other. 

Eliana Ujueta Pineda
Eliana Ujueta Pineda
Jason Cruz, Craig Colasanti and
Erick Daniels